Billing and Payment

Making a purchase, getting a refund, and details on our free trials

Purchases made in PlantPal are handled directly and exclusively with Apple’s App Store.

We do not collect your payment method, and we do not handle billing directly. You should contact Apple if you have trouble with your payment method.

Visit Apple’s billing help page to get started.

Restoring purchases

Your purchase or subscription is attached to your Apple ID that is signed into App Store on the device, and it may be different for the iCloud account on the same device. Before troubleshooting any loss of subscription or purchase, make sure you are signed into the Apple ID you made purchases with.

To check the Apple ID you are signed in with, check out this support article from Apple.

After you are signed in, your purchase may be restored automatically. If not, follow the steps below to manually restore your purchases.

  1. Open PlantPal
  2. Go to the Preferences tab (iPhone) or tap Preferences from the sidebar (iPad)
  3. Tap “PlantPal Pro”
  4. Scroll down to the bottom of the page. On the lower-left corner, tap Restore Purchases
  5. You may be prompted with your Apple ID password. If so, enter the password to continue restoration
  6. You should be able to restore the purchases you made previously.

Managing subscription

If you want to change subscription period

You can change your subscription period (e.g. from Monthly to Annual, or vice-versa). To do that, you will need to open App Store.

Follow this support article from Apple.

When you upgrade from monthly to annual, your annual subscription starts immediately. You will receive a prorated refund on the remaining monthly subscription;

When you downgrade from annual to monthly, your choice will start taking effect after the end of the annual term.

If you want to upgrade from subscription to lifetime purchase

Apple does not let developers handle subscription-to-lifetime purchase upgrade. Follow these steps to make sure you are not double charged:

  1. Make lifetime purchase as you normally would
  2. Cancel your subscription from the App Store. To do that, you can follow this support article from Apple

Your lifetime membership should begin taking effect immediately. Your current subscription will be canceled after it expires, and you will no longer be charged for it.

PlantPal does not offer a lifetime membership discount for monthly or annual subscribers. However, you might be able to get a refund from Apple on the subscription. Apple has sole discretion on the review and approval of your refund. To do that, contact Apple directly here.

If you want to cancel your subscription

You can cancel your subscription in the App Store. To do that, follow this support article from Apple.

Note that your subscription will continue to work until the end of the subscription term (monthly or annual). There is no prorated refund offered from cancelling early.

To make sure you are no longer charged for an upcoming renewal, cancel 24 hours before your subscription is set to renew.

Getting a refund

We understand that you might not be satisfied with your purchase, or that you may make accidental purchases. Refund is handled directly by Apple, and we don’t have any insight over this process. Approving or denying a refund request is at Apple’s sole discretion, and you should contact Apple for any questions that follow.

To request a refund, go to this website from Apple directly.