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PlantPal is a DIY plant care companion. You know about your plants, the soil, the pot, the light they receive and the climate. You are the best person to come up with care schedules, and PlantPal helps you keep track.

Using PlantPal

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As part of AMSTC, you agree that The App is provided to you as-is, without any warranty. You further agree that The App and its developer is not liable for any direct, indirect, consequential or accidental damage. Additionally, you agree that information provided within the app may be wrong, inaccurate, incomplete, or outdated.


PlantPal is free to download and use with limits. For those who are starting to have houseplants, or who are very casual about it, PlantPal is free.

You will be able to have one property (think of your home, your vacation cabin, or your workplace, etc.) and have up to 3 plants active at the same time. Free users may track tasks and add photos, too.

By upgrading to PlantPal Pro, you remove the limit on properties and plants, and may group plants to complete care tasks together. PlantPal has powerful features that make it easy to care for a few dozen plants.

Payment and Refund

Payments (including free trials, auto-renewals and refunds) for PlantPal Pro are transacted via the App Store, in accordance with AMSTC.

App Store developers are not able to issue refunds. To request for a refund, please contact Apple directly, and they will be able to assist.

Changes to Terms & Conditions

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